Would you meet me, too?



I’d like to meet you there. there where we have no secrets, where our eyes say what our words can’t. where we accept the dark but live for the light. where reality is what we choose to make of it and where our naked souls aren’t something we shy away from.

I’d like to meet you there. there where we know of the demons in the shadows, but drive them away with the fires we build. i’d like to meet you there where we lead each other Home- walking different paths but always in sight.

Yes, I’d like to meet you there. where there are no pretenses and no guilt. where beauty is measured by the scars we bear. where words are simple and tender and pure. yes, that is where I’d like to meet you.

A place where we don’t need words to know of the ebb and flow in our hearts. there where we let silence sit with us for the longest of hours. a silence whole and complete on its own. there where we can walk together at midnight- a part of the trees, inseparable from the stars, our feet growing roots in the soil. a place where we won’t worry about distance or time. because now and forever would be one and they would be with us.

Yes, I’d like to meet you there.

Would you come and meet me, too?

I wrote this piece on an especially raw day, and i truly believe that we all deserve to have the kind of love that is a both a homecoming and an adventure at the same time. this is what that combination looks and feels like for me. i hope you’ll rummage around in your own heart to know what you’ve been hoping for all this time: if only to know what you have when you have it and then to celebrate it.


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