i got my heart turned up to the sun

do you know it’s February and winters are

rushing out to make way for spring?

do you know you could stand at the bus stop in the afternoon and watch

the leaves dancing down on the sidewalk to carpet the concrete roads and

leave a trail in your mind?

do you know you can wake up and actually

inhale the air right into your lungs because its warm and

smells of new possibilities and hope?

do you know today isn’t the same as yesterday and won’t be the same as tomorrow and that is a divine gift in itself?

do you know there is a melody and an unfathomable perfection

underneath all the madness we see within and around us?

so yes, lady love, i got

my heart turned up to the sun.

and it’s beaming fresh new life and humming

with a love and faith so compelling, you could

hang it up alongside the moon

to light up the night sky for all eternities.



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