what you want to say/ express/ share matters

that TED talk you keep giving to a packed auditorium over and over in your head about the need to be kind and generous in today’s world? it matters and we need you to tell us why.

your opinion on why a particular political stance is counter-productive and why we should steer clear of it? it matters and we need you to educate us about it.

your love for ghazals and beautiful poetry and obscure lyricists? it matters and we need you to show it because we can’t see it for ourselves.

your thoughts on how technology needs to be handled responsibly and mindfully these days? it matters and we need you to show us how to do it.

that art piece you drew because you could find no other way to channel your grief over the death of a beloved? it matters and we need you to share it so we can learn to let out our own emotions and let them become art.

that adorable picture of your niece laughing and coloring out-of-the-lines and how you think we all need that kind of free-flow in our own lives? it matters and we need you to remind us of it.

your expertise in mixing and matching dresses + jackets + shoes? it matters and we need you to amp up our wardrobes + tell us how to dress red-carpet-worthy everyday.

your bag of tricks for coming up with the wittiest and funniest opening lines ready to delight + enchant any audience? it matters and we need you to let the cat out of the bag right now.

whatever message you feel compelled to share with people, it matters. and we need you to share it. any. chance. you. get.  there is no one who can say what you can (with the perfect sprinkle of humor/ empathy/ thoughtfulness) in exactly the way you do. it is for this uniqueness precisely that we need you.

and it isn’t about saying it better or more eloquently than someone else. but it definitely is about saying it as best and as truthfully as you can. in the way you feel called to do.

your message matters. your opinion counts. your art is already beautiful.

and you should let us know about it already.

we need you.

someone you know questioning their voice/ gift/ message? tell them about this post or forward it to them using one of the buttons below and remind them that it most definitely matters.


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