a manifesto for everyday, meaningful living 

I do not need for everyone to know that I walked on this earth and did something worthwhile. I simply need to feel the silent crunching of the grass, the soft bed of the sand, the pebbles digging into my heels, and even the sterility of the modernized wooden/ marble floors, always. I need to feel those sensations of walking and being. 

I do not need for this world to remember me always or make a place for me in one of their archives. I simply need not forget that me being alive is a cause enough for celebration and joy. Right here, right now. 

I do not need for my future to be safe/ certain/ predictable/ without any hardships. I simply need my present to be infused with a faith as strong as the force that holds this Universe together. 

I do not need a lot many people to make me happy. I simply need a few whom I can share this journey and be crazy with. Know who to keep, know who to let go. And sometimes I need no one but myself. 

I do not need to prove my worth or justify my existence to any-every-one. I simply need to remember that I was born with an intrinsic worth which only I can accept or reject. 

I do need people to approve of me always. I simply need to allow myself to follow my inner compass and sail in the direction of my true north. 

I do not need to be caught up in the same things that the culture is. I simply need to honor those that captivate me and bring me truly alive. 

And i do not need to follow a manual that God-knows-who-wrote-in-what-century. I simply need to keep reading and living the one I wrote myself, for myself. A song that never was, nor will ever be. 


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