Yep, that’s me pretty face there

welcome to my teeny tiny corner of the internet; i am so glad you’re here. Verses and Pieces is a blog i have started to share my musings and riff-raffs about things that float around in my heart and mind. this space is constantly evolving, ever-changing (as i am) and it delights + scares me no end to express + share what i am learning + discovering every single day.

a little back-story:

my writing ‘career’ began when I was in the 7th grade with me keeping a journal and religiously filling out pages about my heavier-than-a-black-hole heartbreak (what is it about first crushes?) and also my confusion and trials related to peer pressure, fitting in, and making sense of who I was.

books and stories were my first loves ever and i eventually took to writing poetry after being inspired by submissions i read in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books (‘if they can do it, why can’t i?’ was my question). after puttering around for a while with pieces that i would be embarrassed to read now, my originality started to pour forth and i found my own voice speaking through those words. since then, i’ve filled up plenty of pages and Colornote notes with poetry and prose pertaining to anything and everything that strikes a chord with my inner landscape.

what’s promised here:

honesty. words straight from my heart. and me extending my hand, reading your eyes, and saying ‘me, too’ no matter what issue you face.

whatever i fail to articulate in speech, i do my best to share here- especially if it can help + delight the both of us.

more than anything, i am an avid astronomer of the human condition, with my telescope cast to the terrain of the human heart and well-being. wherever that lens goes- and stays- is what i end up writing about.


i thank you so much for stopping by and hope you find something of value here or something to brighten your day up a little bit (or by a few light years).

much love and Milky Way light,

Esha Rana