Yep, that’s me pretty face there

Welcome to my teeny tiny corner of the internet; I am so glad you’re here. Verses and Pieces is a blog I have started to share my musings and riff-raffs about things that float around in my heart and mind space.


My writing ‘career’ began when I was in the 7th grade with me keeping a journal and religiously filling out pages about my heavier-than-a-black-hole heartbreak (what is it about first crushes?) and also my confusion and trials related to peer pressure, fitting in, and making sense of who I was.

Books and stories were my first loves ever and I eventually took to writing poetry after being inspired by submissions I read in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books (‘If they can do it, why can’t I?’ was my question). After puttering around for a while with pieces that I would be embarrassed to read now, my originality started to pour forth and I found my own voice speaking through those words. Since then, I’ve filled up plenty of pages and Colornote notes with poetry and prose pertaining to anything and everything that strikes a chord with my inner landscape.


What I know to be true in this window of time:

  1. That we, as humans, have so much more power than we allow ourselves to believe. It’s only a matter of exercising it.
  2. Reality is malleable. We can sculpt it and chisel it howsoever we want- if we really set our mind to it.
  3. Your gifts and talents (organizational skills and 1 liner wisecracks included) are meant to be shared and lived in. as much as possible, each and every day.
  4. We all have a deep need to be seen, heard, and celebrated.
  5. ‘If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’ (Thanks for this, Jefferson).
  6. Love is the end all and be all to all our questions.

My can’t-live-without-these (or What I Strive to Include in my Everyday):

  1. Books
  2. Words
  3. Yoga (I can gush about its life-changing capabilities for hours at an end)
  4. Laughter (I’m up for a belly-aching laugh at any hour of the day)

Previously, a chocolate, too.

One-liner philosophy (a nice, short phrase for them hard times are good, no?): You’re all you’ve got. Make the best of it.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you find something of value here or something to brighten your day up a little bit.

Much love and Milky Way light,

Esha Rana